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Adding SUSHI key to my ErgoDox EZ


I got some cute keycaps at the RubyKaigi 2017. As a natural consequence, I wanted to input a Sushi emoji(U+1F363) by pressing it. Here is how I configured my ErgoDox EZ to do that (Note that steps depend on your OS. The following is steps for macOS.)

1. Configure qmk_firmware

First, you need to add some settings and rebuild qmk_firmware (as you may always do for your ergodox.)

This is the patch I used this time.

2. Enable unicode input of macOS

As noted in docs/unicode.md, go to System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Input Sources, and enable Unicode Hex (which is 「Unicode 16進数」 if your language setting is Japanese.)

3. Set IME

Like this:

select Unicode Hex from the input menu on the mac menubar

4. Press it!

Now pressing the key should input a Sushi emoji. Note that, however, not all the applications seem to support emoji input. In my environment, it worked for Chrome but not for iTerm2.


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