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Building rogue on Mac OS El Capitan


Usually you can install rogue with Homebrew(brew install rogue). However, when you want to read the source code, you may want to compile it by hand. Here's how (based on the recipe file).

  1. Download http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/repo/pkgs/rogue/rogue5.4.4-src.tar.gz/033288f46444b06814c81ea69d96e075/rogue5.4.4-src.tar.gz and extract it
  2. (Optionally run git init; git add .; git ci -m "untar" so that you can easily check what you've changed)
  3. run brew install ncurses
  4. run CPPFLAGS="-DNCURSES_OPAQUE=0" ./configure
  5. run make
  6. run ./rogue and the game will start.

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